Miscellaneous Photos

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Hirsch Kaznelson - about 40

Hirsch Kaznelson - slightly grumpy

Mania & Berka Katznelson

At some family celebration - the Kaznelson residence - H.C. Andersen Blvd

Three Brothers and One Sister

Hirsch Kaznelson, Oskar Kaznelson, Esther Majew and David Kaznelson - Copenhagen

A happy (young) family

Copenhagen 1967

Two 'Bufkes'

Ayelet and Hagith - Copenhagen 1968

Two 'Bufkes'

Ayelet and Hagith - Copenhagen 1968

Staff of Clinic in Ben-Ami Street

Mrs Grossman, Haim Gat, Genia, Hirsch Kaznelson and Mira - 1974

Michal and Maya with Amit

The girls cousin and good friend, Amit, was later killed in a traffic accident during a trip to India.

At Vered Sakal's wedding

At Vered Sakal's wedding

Sisters Four

Outside 'chez Claudine' 1999

Three of Four Sisters

Bobsleigh Kamikaze

Bobsleigh Kamikaze

The Kaznelson Gang in Hotel Belvedere

Winter vacation in Grindelwald, Jan 2001

Sisters skating

Grindewald, Jan 2001

At a Celebration with the Silberman Family

December 2002

The Kaznelson Bikers - November 2005

In good shape after having completed the "Circling the Lake Tiberias" course

At Udi Schild's wedding - 2006

15 cousins from the Levitan clan were there

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