Maya & Dan's Photo Gallery

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Maya the Toddler

Maya the Menace

Don't get on her nerves - for your own sake !!

Maya - the Model

Advertising for Pizza-MacPizza

Maya - the Model

Advertising for Sandwich Spread

Maya with Mommy's Hat

Maya modelling for an Ad

Maya - the tough Sergeant


Club Med - Aug 2001

Thinking ??

Maya at the celebration for the birth of the Sakal family's grandchild

Happy Birthday

Maya on her 22nd. birthday

Maya and Dan

Nice couple, eh?

Mayas new hairstyle

January 2005


April 2005

Baby Maya has grown up, eh?

Maya and her Imoosh

Took a minute off during a shopping spree and entered an instant photo booth

Good luck to Maya and Dan

Maya in the airport on the way to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a bit chilly in winter

November 2007

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