Michal & Tomer's Photo Gallery

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Baby Michal

On Roller Skates

On Roller Skates

Michal as soldier

in Boot Camp

Michal - Officers' course

Lieutenant Michal parading, wearing her new insignia

Michal and Tomer in Caesarea

Michal - Ski Vacation

Michal and Tomer in the Snow

Tomer snowboarding

Tomer in the Dead Sea

Measuring the Wedding Dress

At the Seamstress's Shop 8/8/2003

Second Measuring

Two weeks to go

Second Measuring

Two weeks to go

The Couple

The Kaz Gang

The Couple with Tomer's Ma'

The Ceremony

The Point of no Return

Michal training

At Caesarea Tennis Club, January 2004

Mazal Tov Michal

At Michal's 26th Birthday Party

Michal with Spotty the cat

Spotty was severely wounded - BUT MICH SAVED HER !!

September 2007

Watch Danny perform at Michal and Tomer's wedding (needs broadband)

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