Amalia's and Danny's Photo Gallery 

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Amalia Baby


Amalia Baby

1946 - in Mahanayim - Jerusalem

A Beautiful Schoolgirl

Amalia in the 4th. Grade

Amalia dressed up for Purim

5 years old - Tel-Arza - Jerusalem

Amalia Teen-ager

Folk dancing at age 15

Amalia - Teen-ager

A 16-year old beauty

Amalia - Starlet

Age 17

Amalia in the Army

In Boot Camp

Amalia in the Army

In Boot Camp

Amalia in the Army


The famous Volvo 1800 S

This car is identical to the one in which Amalia hitch-hiked with Danny in 1963 - and they have been living happily ever after.........

Hello Young Lovers

After two months friendship........

Amalia and Danny - Just Married

15 September 1963

Amalia - the Beautiful

Copenhagen 1968

Amalia at work

Eretz-Israel Museum 1990

Amalia at Work

Eretz-Israel Museum 1988

Amalia at work

They even write about her in the news

The Ski Champion

Bodmi bei Grindelwald - 1986

Amalia at Work 3

Independence Day 1988

Amalia at work

Bar-Ilan University 1983

Grannie Amalia

At Zoe's birth party - December 1999

Amalia with her Birthday Presents

60 ? - Unbelievable !!!

So Beautiful

At the celebration for the birth of the Sakal family's grandchild

Danny skiing - age 3

Overkalix - Lapland - Northern Sweden

II World War - 1944

Danny - ready for first grade

Danny - age 13

Danny - Hospital Doc

Beilinson Hospital ENT - 1972

Danny on TV

Demonstration of Laser Microsurgery of Larynx

Danny on TV

Demonstration of Laser Microsurgery of Larynx

Danny and the crew - Yom Kippur War

Just south of Ismailia - October 1973

Danny - The 87th Recon Batt

with Bakal, Alfonso and Alex

Danny - The 87th Reconn Batt

Danny in the desert - Yom Kippur War

During a short respite in the war - October 1973

Danny - the 87th Recon Batt

With Jojo

Danny - as Captain

Danny - 8th. Brigade (The old Man's Brigade)

On tactical maneuver in the Negev Desert

Danny getting his Colonel's insignia

by Amalia and the Chief-of-Staff Lieut-Gen. Dan Shomron

Danny getting his Colonel's insignia

and Ayelet, Michal and Maya were there too

Crazy couple - Purim

Purim 1985

A very young Dental Surgeon

with Due and Jensen in Hirsch Kaznelson's Dental Clinic in Copenhagen 1969

A not so young Dental Surgeon

BATM Party

Company party 1999

Danny with Bibi Netanyahu

Netanyahu's visit to the new BATM building in Yokneam 2001

A good-looking couple

Outside 'chez Claudine' 1999

A good-looking couple

At a wedding in Caesarea - 2001

Senior Citizen on Bench in Park

July 2002

Danny is presented with the "Shaked" Recon. Unit's Combat Chronicle Book.

Brig. Gen. (Res.) Amatzia (Patzi) Chen is awarding the Book to Danny on occasion of the Day of Remembrance of the Fallen. Danny served with a team of "Shaked" special forces during the October 73 war.

A chilly morning in Interlaken


Amalia is waiting for her Apfelpunsch

Grindelwald 2005

Granma knitting a dress for Zoe

In the train from Interlaken to Basel, 2005

A middle-aged female on a tower from the Middle Ages

Interlaken 2005

Amalia is having Apfelchuechli

Brandegg 2005

The wandering Jew

Brandegg 2005

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